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Should I sack bupa.


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My g/f and I are both with bupa have been for 8 years, her policy costs about 15k a year, anyway talking to a mate the other day and he says that as of the start of this year all Thais who pay into this government health system at 300 a year and 30฿ a visit are now allowed to use any hospital in the kingdom, be it Bangkok pattaya or any other one, told me the private hospitals try to fuck um off but they now have to except any Thai that has this health card and treatment is all covered by the government for whatever the illness is! Well if that's the case why would any Thai pay a load of money for private cover when they can have it on the government system at any hospital for pennies? Don't know where this guy got this info Id had a few by then...anyone out there have any info on this please

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300 a year , that's Baht we're talking ?

I just renewed the policy for my wife and 2 kids for about 20k so i would like to know to .

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Some of my staff at X Zone ( yes, managed to mention it ) make social security payments which entitles them to the 30 baht healthcare plan.


Most of them recon the service is very poor and they end up paying for any serious illness.


If your Mrs is working and paying SS, she will be covered but not as good as the BUPA cover.

You he what you pay for.


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Not sure but I did recently read a story such as this in the Bangkok Post, maybe you can google and find it but I remember from the story this is what the government is purposing and they are trying to expand the program but we are talking private hospital and not everyone is going along with the program. I would just say don't believe everything you hear? I believe there is much more to this story?

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The 30-baht governemnt health care system sucks big time: Mr Egg is spot-on.

A pal has spent a fortune on physiothernapy for his Thai GF, crippled in a pick-up crash. The basic line was 'we've dealt with the immediate traumatic injuries, the rest is up to you'. Same for my favourite service girl in Nana after a motosye accident left her with a fractured skull and brain damage. {Insert angry rant]

I've also been visiting an elderly Thai in a 30-baht hospital ward - I've seen cleaner dog kennels. So forget that if you care about anyone Thai here. Great care needed too about policies/private hospitals up-country: some of them are also in the dog kennel league.


I don't know about this proposed/alleged change. If you're a RTG civil servant, the cover is good, but if something like that is to be expanded nationwide, it will surely place a great strain on existing resources and drive yet more medical staff into the private sector?


BUPA Thailand? Expats should be aware that it's glad to take your money up to but not beyond the age of 70, unlke (e.g.) BUPA UK. 70 is hardly a good age to be shopping round for a new policy. Maybe BUPA International is less ageist (!), but check your policy proposal carefully and don't believe what your friendly broker says - bit like 'guaranteed' visa agents.

I'd be very interested in checkable news of policy changes and good options for Thais and falangs.

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