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Found 7 results

  1. Atlas

    Huhin Beach by drone

    Hey all, Spent a couple of days down Huahin a couple of weeks ago.. It was one of the places I had considered to move to instead of Patts. Safe to say that will not be occurring anytime soon... Not sure what it was, the lack of a 'beach' road like we have here and Jomtien or what it was.. Everything seemed much more expensive, the huge market in the middle of town was well patronised but again just not the sae vibe.. The beaches we went to were pretty good to be honest, not many people as you will see in the video.... The water was clear, the beaches were clear of rubbish and water temp was bath warm ! The sand was different to here also, similar to what we would have in Australia (nearly). Did not notice much of a bar scene, but then I wasn't really looking. Overall it was 'ok', may visit again sometime but for now it is off my list Made a quick video, my Wife loved the fishing boats.. Huhin Beach
  2. nova2727

    why do thais hate filipinas

    hey guys. was chatting to one of my filipina girls today,that is working in bangkok. asked if she be up with 3some,she said yes but not Thai lady as they dont get on. whats the deal with Thais and filipinas not liking each other,whats the issue.
  3. thought id make this funny post,lets have fun watching...... VID-20180926-WA0000.mp4
  4. nova2727

    pool party in thailand

    does anyone know of any pool partys in thailand or pattaya. ive been to angeles city and there pool partys rock. http://scorebirdshotel.com/promo.php Asia's longest running weekly "Bikini Contest and Photo-Shoot"Every Saturday from 2-6pm, Score Birds is host to the only weekly "Bikini Contest and Photo-Shoot" in Angeles. Every week 100+ entertainers converge on Score Birds to compete for Cash Prizes in various contest and games. Hotel Guests are invited to attend with "no cover charge", and are encouraged to reserve a VIP Seat for the event for free. As these reservations are complimentary, seats will only be held until 3pm. Non Hotel guests are charged a P500 consumable charge and may reserve seats as well for an additional fee of P500. Duke's Restaurant will be serving an "All you Can Eat" buffet as well during the event for P395.
  5. Hi gents, Hoping someone here can give me some advice...... I am an Australian Citizen, who will be visiting Pattaya from this Saturday, 14th April. I need to go over to Mainland China and meet a business associate there, but I have left the run to late to obtain my China Visa here in Australia. Are there visa agents in Pattaya that can apply for this Chinese single entry visa for an Australian Citizen? I'm really hoping so! It will save me I guess two trips to Bangkok etc. ANY advice will be greatly appreciated.
  6. i am a lawyer and was curious as to how much does a lawyer earn in thailand especially in pattaya?i am looking for a general average.
  7. djchub

    Bad experience in thailand

    Im sure everybody's got a bad experience in thailand. Whats the single most worst experience that you've had in thailand, that you will never forget for a very long time? Mine:- The TG I took back to my room tricked me ... I met this stunner once in one of the Soi's, we talked and she agreed to 1500Bt for LT. She was in her 20's something. This is the story she told me. When she was a student, her studies was sponsored by a local mobster and in return he wanted her to work for him as a sex worker, to repay the money she owed him. Anyway, that wasnt my concern. So I took her back to my room and we had some really awesome sex!She was so tight, damn ill never forget that pussy for a very long time . But, the next day morning I gave her the 1500 Bt and she kept saying she wanted 4000Bt!!.. I politely talked to her, told her that we had agreed to 1500Bt and even offered her a 500Bt tip! but she was in this "insane" mode and just kept screaming, that too in thai ( although she knew English pretty well)!..I tried calming her down and talking to her nicely, but the more nicer I would get, the more insane she got and I couldnt understand a word she was saying and I really wanted to find out why the sudden change or whether I had done something wrong..finally I had to get the receptionist and I explained everything to him... The receptionist was a great guy.. this guy talked to her in thai for a very long time, but that did no good, she just kept screaming at him too!. Finally he asked me if he should call the cops, who I believe generally do interfere in such situations! .. Anyways, I didnt want to cause the girl any trouble or get myself involved with the local policia.. so I just ended up paying her the 4000Bt....I would have given her the money without calling the receptionist but I was just shocked by her sudden change in behavior and I just wanted to make sure, this girl wouldnt come back after she left with the money! Thinking about it I was not upset at giving her the 4000Bt, cause if that helped her settle her debt, then thats good.. but the whole experience and her behavior was really upsetting!
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