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Found 2 results

  1. I ate at the Lone Star Texas Grill on Soi Lengkee (LK Metro area) last night. Here's the meal I had: The corn chips and dip were complementary and came with the beer. The chips were homemade and very good. It would have been better with a little salsa instead of the dip, but that's no biggy considering it was complementary. I ordered the Sunday special, which was fillet steak for 199 baht. I ordered a medium potato salad (60 baht) and corn on the cob (40 baht) as sides. I don't remember exactly how much the San Miguel Light was, but I think 70 or 80 baht. EDIT IN: The owner of the Lone Star has said on another board that there was some confusion on the part of his staff and the daily specials should include two sides as part of the 199-baht price. He also agreed the corn chips should come with salsa and that the steak should have been grilled better. He's taken some constructive criticism to heart. Assuming the next time a customer orders a fillet steak for 199 baht and gets two side dishes as well as an attractively grilled steak, then that would be a bargain in the hard-to-beat category.. I ordered the steak rare and it wasn't overcooked. It was tender and for local beef, tasty. My only criticism would be that the grill wasn't hot enough or the cook took the steak off too quickly. It could have done with a bit more surface "char," which would have given it a better color and would have imparted more of the charcoal grill flavor, but wouldn't have cooked the meat too much on the inside. The potato salad was good - it wasn't overpowered by the dressing - and it was a generous portion for medium. The corn was properly cooked and tasted fresh. I thought the meal was well worth the price I paid - 300 baht for the food. It was good value - and taste - for the money. You have to be realistic in your expectations. Better steaks (imported Australian beef) are available at the Lone Star and elsewhere in Pattaya, but you'll pay more than 199 baht for them. For what I got, the price was very reasonable. I had no problems with the service. The food came quickly and with a smile. The waitress had explained to me that the special only included the steak and sides had to be ordered separately. She also tried to tell me something about the sauce or gravy, but I couldn't make out what she saying. I certainly don't want gravy with a charcoal grilled steak and thankfully, it came in a boat. I didn't bother to taste it. The next time I visit the Lone Star I'll try the ribs. That's what most of the other customers (it was about half-full at 8 p.m. last night) appeared to be having. The restaurant has Tex Mex and Mexican food as well as a variety of steaks and several types of smoked ribs. There are daily specials for 179 or 199 baht for the budget minded. If your TG doesn't like farang food, the Lone Star offers Thai dishes as well. I'm not much worried about a restaurant's decor, especially when I'm eating alone. But the Lone Star is a relatively new place (been open a few months) and it was clean, comfortable and well lit, with colorful accents on and along the walls. Evil Some other pics from the Lone Star:
  2. Pattaya Buffet - All You Can Eat Buffet February 19, 2016 Tequila Reef Restaurant just 60 meters off Beach Road on the left. We are proud top announce our monthly "Freaky Friday Buffet" in Pattaya today at 5:00 PM! The gorging of our mixture of American and Mexican food starts at 5:00 PM and ends around 10:00 PM. The buffet itself is only 345 baht or 595 per couple making it one of the better deals in town and a great chance to sample all the signature dishes of Tequila Reef all in one go. Tequila Reef's February 19, 2016 buffet includes: Our Famous Bar-B-Q Pork Ribs Monteray Chicken Build your Own Taco and Fajita Bar Enchiladas Chimachangas Mexican Refried Beans Mexican Rice Potato Salad Cole Slaw Mixed Green Salad Assorted Fruits All your favorite fixings Hope to see you all there this coming Friday. Be sure to invite your friends and couples prices are male and female or two females. Children 5 and under are only 225 baht
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