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Found 11 results

  1. South Pattaya 50+ sqm Studio for Sale, with very nice Sea View This apartment comes with a chanote in foreign name: 50.236 sqm Big living room, bathroom, kitchen area, balcony, furniture, no bed, TV 4k 50", double glazed uPVC windows against city noise and heat, 2 air conditioners, fans Condo maintenance fee: 19 baht/sqm/month (less than 1000 baht/month) Water paid to condo office (40 baht/m3) Electricity paid directly to electricity company PEA (~3.80 baht/kWh) Internet 3BB VDSL 50 Mbps (TOT fibre 200+ Mbps available) Asking price: 2.6 million baht (about 77 k€, 65 k£, 85 k$ on December 04) Center Condo: In the heart of South Pattaya, 5 min walk from Walking Street On bahtbus routes: easy access to Sukhumvit, Soi Buakhao, Second Road & Jomtien Numerous shops, bars and restaurants on ground-floor. Tops & Tukcom at 150m, Soi Buakhao Market at 200m, Friendship at 300m Amenities: large parking, 3 elevators, CCTV, Security, keycard access, gym, swimming pool Condo well managed by owners and a Committee mostly farang
  2. I have been to Pattaya many times, mostly on holiday. I am looking to start spending a week here and there working out of my hotel by day and enjoying my favorite city in the world by night. To do this I need to have decent bandwidth that is as solid as possible. I need to be on video conferences and connecting to various online services for work all day. It has always been best practice for me to stay in condos because I have my own dedicated internet connection. For that reason I have made VT6 my home away from home. I have good luck with VT6 but an wondering if there is something better. Perhaps another condo or even a hotel with reliable internet. Not even sure the latter exists in the world. Any thoughts on places would be welcome. I like to stay on the Walking Street side of Central and not too far from LK Metro. I have tried the condos behind Centara across from Travelers and been disappointed by the thinnest possible towels known to man and pretty much uncaring host. I looked at the Base but thought the time it took me to get from the room to second road was excessive. I mean VT6 takes some effort but the Base. Damn! Wish they had a back door exit to LK Metro. My budget tops out at 2k bht per night which i think is generous. And I like to stay in super clean and nice places. Maybe VT 6 is the best? It likely is for me. But I thought I would see if the grand masters of Pattaya have some thoughts on places I simply haven't considered. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello all I am back in Thailand in December for New Year 2018 amd staying in Bangkok over new Year period. I am in Thailand for 3 months, as first test of my next living phase which will eventually be 6 months Thailand in UK winter then back to UK for 'Summer' (well it was good this year,,,) I am seeking to rent accomodation in Pattaya for approx 2 months, 60 days between approx arrival Jan 9th and depart (for Phuket) on March 8th for single occupant plus of course the usual glamorous guests... !! Ideally I am looking for: Central Pattaya location - ( I have shared a condo in CentrerCondotel in the past with a buddy) so somewhere between there and Soi 7/8 or near the Avenue would be ideal and normally i am staying in the LK Metro area (China Garden/|Areca/HunnyPot/Irish Rovers etc) I am very fit and a good walker but unsure if I want to be in Jomtien as that to me isn't really my area and I don't know it. MUST have very good wifi and strong internet connection ( aswill need dailly contact with my online businesses and virtual worlds) Fan/aircon a must, Full COOKING FACILITIES a must, not just microwave as I am a Masterchef (and can cook and entertain, a normal safe, and if there is a pool/gym that's great as I am in the gym daily. sea view lovely but not essential One bed is fine, prefer smart decor to 'stick' furniture but main thing is location, and good price. I will be making a lot of side trips in the 2 months to other places so want a good base to leave stuff and strike out for 3-4 days elswhere without check in and out. If you have connections or know any good places for a 2 month initial stay (I will be on recce for future properties while I am there) or have a place you want to rent out yourself contact me. I am a legacy ( ie: 'old' ) member, known to many, UK professional and super organised and ultra tidy, responsible etc and speak decent Thai and rent out property myself in UK so respect is high for wherever I stay.
  4. The story goes like this folks .... I came to Pattaya before, but it was on shorter visits and I stayed every time in guesthouses near the Soi Buakow party area ... Early next year I plan to resign from my shit job and come to Pattaya for a longer 2 months stay. I plan to rent an affordable condo and stay a bit further away from the traditional nightspots areas - I'm looking at Phratamnak Hill, Jomtien Thappraya Rd area , even Naklua .... I will definitely go to the nightspot areas so I need some easy transport options, but it will not happen on a daily basis like before. I would like a quieter place but which also is not very far away from South Pattaya. For example the far end of Jomtien is too far away but on the other hand a place like The Base would be too close to the action and too noisy. Also - I don't have a motorbike license so I will rely mainly on songteow ... I don't mind if I have to walk 1-1.5 km to the songteow route and I don't mind if my room will be rather smallish (22-27m2) but I would like a place with a pool and gym. I'm mainly looking at places up to 10K-11K/month (plus electric+water), but I can go a bit higher than that if I find something suitable. I'm doing my homework - I've been looking for quite a while on the Facebook property groups and on AirBnB, but the longer I look the harder I find to decide :-) lol So ... I'm reaching to you guys - anyone who is open to share some condo renting tips given the scenario above is most welcome. If you can share condo names, owner contact details or anything similar; any location pros and cons based on your own experiences - it would be very much appreciated. Thx in advance to anyone who will reply !
  5. This is going to be a big ask, but if anyone can help, recommend somewhere which fits this criteria. I'm planning to come in November, 2 to 3 weeks and I'll have to be very careful with money, so I need to stay somewhere reasonably inexpensive, eg. 1. Max. price, on average, 500 a night/day and preferably lower, for instance, £10 gbp a day or 420 baht, even less would be great. 2. Within range of the centre - I'm not too clear on this, but if there's a circle/radius from Mikes Mall to Big C and round that's my distance. Let's say any distance from Mike's of a 2 mile radius. 3rd road area is fine., but I don't like Jomtien. 3. Room with good internet connection, not off/on like I've had before, decent shower (again water consistent and not off/on like I've had before) and safe in room, with a balcony preferably. Big TV in room. 4. Facilities in room - I'd like to be able to make real coffee and some simple meals - microwave, kettle, sink - so minimalist kitchen - this will cut down on some costs. 5. Peace - finally I don't want somewhere just above or near a bar or even in a noisy area. I've had this before and it's a nightmare for me. I want to be able to sleep daytime sometimes and even be in bed by 11 pm occasionally and get to sleep. Am I asking too much? Any suggestions anyone?
  6. This room was a nice alternative to my past stays at the Holiday Inn. Considered the Hilton, but at less cost and centrally located this rental served my needs. The staff were very accommodating, and no complaints about the facilities. Keep in mind this is NOT A HOTEL. This is a condo. Cost was about 6000 TBH in Sept. 2017. For 3 nights. I do not own or work for them, I just want to give credit to a well run rental outfit.
  7. Because of a last minute cancellation, I have some last minute availability of 10 nights. If you want to rent all or part of these dates, please email me. [email protected] View Talay 5C condo last minute availability 1 February 2012 to 11 February 2012 My web site with pictures: http://viewtalaycondos.com/viewtalay5.htm
  8. Hi I am looking for a short term rental in either a studio or 1 bed condo. Pref. buildings would be Hyde Park 1 or Hyde Park 2 or The Urban or City Garden, Pattaya Heights, Regent etc. Available to move in immediately until mid April. A quiet non smoker that will give you no problems. Swimming pool and internet essential. Budget up to 20000 baht Please do not contact me with condos in Jomtien or Naklua as not interested. PM me or Tel: 0899330521 if you have anything suitable Thanks
  9. Hi, I am wanting to rent an apartment in Pattaya from March till June (3 months) this year.. the thing that is bugging me though is that my one need that is 100% necessary is the internet connection (I am needing my own connection fast and stable for work wifi alone would not be suitable..Im a trader (where seconds are important and could be nasty lose of money if I lost connection) the apartment would need to have a telephone line with the internet set up or atleast the potential of it being set up, Do any apartments with this kind of short term rental have this set up, if not do you think its possible to get it set up and how long and at what price would it be? Just wondering if there are any other traders in Pattaya and what the internet is like for trading... also what the best internet service provider is there at the moment? From my research tonight im getting the feel that Sophon is the best cheers,
  10. OK chaps Will be coming to Patts end of Feb for a month. Historically we stay in Page 10 BUT they have decided to set their rates @ 2,000 baht a night - previously paid 1600-1700. Not such a good deal and we fancy a change Have looked at a couple of options MaxxCentral and KTK Does anyone have any links to places of a similar standard but perhaps a better location - not interested in Naklua or Jomtien (on this holiday). Do not want anything trapped in the 80's either - no disrespect - oh and it must have a pool (that narrows it right down)! Thanks in advance
  11. Available to rent now.74 sqm view talay 2 jomtien.High floor For 1 year contract 17 thousand per month.6 months 20 thousand per month. Pm me for more details. Thankyou Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
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