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  1. I ate at the Lone Star Texas Grill on Soi Lengkee (LK Metro area) last night. Here's the meal I had: The corn chips and dip were complementary and came with the beer. The chips were homemade and very good. It would have been better with a little salsa instead of the dip, but that's no biggy considering it was complementary. I ordered the Sunday special, which was fillet steak for 199 baht. I ordered a medium potato salad (60 baht) and corn on the cob (40 baht) as sides. I don't remember exactly how much the San Miguel Light was, but I think 70 or 80 baht. EDIT IN: The owner of the Lone Star has said on another board that there was some confusion on the part of his staff and the daily specials should include two sides as part of the 199-baht price. He also agreed the corn chips should come with salsa and that the steak should have been grilled better. He's taken some constructive criticism to heart. Assuming the next time a customer orders a fillet steak for 199 baht and gets two side dishes as well as an attractively grilled steak, then that would be a bargain in the hard-to-beat category.. I ordered the steak rare and it wasn't overcooked. It was tender and for local beef, tasty. My only criticism would be that the grill wasn't hot enough or the cook took the steak off too quickly. It could have done with a bit more surface "char," which would have given it a better color and would have imparted more of the charcoal grill flavor, but wouldn't have cooked the meat too much on the inside. The potato salad was good - it wasn't overpowered by the dressing - and it was a generous portion for medium. The corn was properly cooked and tasted fresh. I thought the meal was well worth the price I paid - 300 baht for the food. It was good value - and taste - for the money. You have to be realistic in your expectations. Better steaks (imported Australian beef) are available at the Lone Star and elsewhere in Pattaya, but you'll pay more than 199 baht for them. For what I got, the price was very reasonable. I had no problems with the service. The food came quickly and with a smile. The waitress had explained to me that the special only included the steak and sides had to be ordered separately. She also tried to tell me something about the sauce or gravy, but I couldn't make out what she saying. I certainly don't want gravy with a charcoal grilled steak and thankfully, it came in a boat. I didn't bother to taste it. The next time I visit the Lone Star I'll try the ribs. That's what most of the other customers (it was about half-full at 8 p.m. last night) appeared to be having. The restaurant has Tex Mex and Mexican food as well as a variety of steaks and several types of smoked ribs. There are daily specials for 179 or 199 baht for the budget minded. If your TG doesn't like farang food, the Lone Star offers Thai dishes as well. I'm not much worried about a restaurant's decor, especially when I'm eating alone. But the Lone Star is a relatively new place (been open a few months) and it was clean, comfortable and well lit, with colorful accents on and along the walls. Evil Some other pics from the Lone Star:
  2. I can recommend Le Petite Planete for French-style cuisine. It's run by a Belgian who knows his cooking. It's located about half-way down a sub soi that runs along one side of Tukcom, the side closet to 2nd Road. It's small and there's nothing fancy about the place, but the food is excellent. For a quick, unpretentious French-style bistro meal, Le Petite Planete is a good choice. It also features a limit menu of Thai food and the girls I've taken there who've sampled the Thai dishes gave it the thumbs up. I've never had a bad meal there and more than one truly good one. He's one of my favorites, couscous with grilled meat and seasonal root vegetables. The couscous had been steamed properly, the vegetables, served as a side dish, were flavorful and the meat (quarter chicken, leg and thigh; some chunks of beef; and two small pieces of lamb) was tasty. It cost 350 baht. Last weekend had the three-course Special of the Day. You get three or four choices each for the starter, main course and dessert. For starters, you can have soup; salad or pate. The four main-course possibilities are a beef, pork, chicken or fish dish, while dessert is pudding, cake, sorbet or fruit salad. The main dish is accompanied by your choice of potato (French fried, mashed, baked or boiled) and a small serving of vegetables as well as fresh French bread. I started with country-style pate (the homemade pickles were a nice touch): and followed with Chicken Cordon Bleu: The chicken fillet had been pounded thin; the slice of ham added the right flavor accent and saltiness; and the Swiss cheese inside was bubbly. The outside surface was browned nicely and added flavor. For dessert, I had creme caramel. The top surface looks dark in the picture, but in fact it was caramelized to just the right level . The sauce wasn't sickly sweet. It cost 270 baht for the three-course meal and another 70 baht for a bottle of San Miguel Light. Chang, Tiger and Leo are available for 40 or 50 baht, but I prefer SML. One night I wasn't very hungry and just ordered the crab salad. I can't remember exactly how much it was, but about 100 baht. Side note: One night, this young lady was sitting at the table across from mine. She smiled invitingly and asked me why I was eating alone. I smiled back and answered, "Because I am alone - tonight." She laughed, but before she could say anything else, she got a text message on her cell phone and was occupied with it for several minutes, then finished her meal quickly and paid, smiling sweetly at me on the way out. I have to wonder what she might have said/offered without the text message. Maybe she would invited me to join her in hopes I'd pick up the tab, but certain services might also have been offered at some point in the conversation. I'm guessing she worked in one of the Russian places on Walking Street, as those girls all live in the Day-Night Apartments just around the corner from Le Petite Planete. Evil
  3. I would need some assistance from other forum members who have experience in dealing with local real estate agents. I want to rent a large condo in Pattaya from May 01.2018 onwards. The particular condo was listed for rent/sale with 3 real estate agencies in Pattaya and I contacted them one after another during the past week. Note: I am familiar with the building, location and area and therefore I wanted to close the deal before I finally arrive. The facts: The 1st agency informed me that the condo is rented until May 2018 The 2cd. agency responded back and informed me that the property will not be rented anymore according to the owner The 3rd. agency responded back and informed me that the condo is available for rent immediately. Anyway, in order to finanlize the deal the real estate agent asked for the - I guess - usual 2-months deposit to be wired into their bank account before a rental contract will be issued. The amount is THB 150K. If I would comply with it I have obviously afterwards only minor options/chances to add for example an addendum (possible purchase, verification of furniture) or change any terms within the contract. Accordingly I have asked the real estate company to provide me first with the full lease agreement and disclose dates of the owner before I wire the funds. This morning I received a blank standard lease agreement which I think is wired because I want to know with whom I am dealing with besides the agent. Overall circumstances are strange due to the different availability information I received from the agents before. Does anyone here has some more experience in dealing with local real estate agents and how does it usually works to finalize a rental online or disclose certain information ? I obviously want to make sure that I have a condo once I arrive..... and that I am not dealing with a bad apple. Thanks for any help and assistance.
  4. Hey gang, just pre-booked (don't have to pay til August) at The Classroom Hotel for 21 days in August. I have read mainly good reviews of the place, but a handful of bad ones too (aren't there always??) Has anyone from the forum stayed there, and can you give me a bit of a run-down of your time there? Cheers!!!
  5. exercise

    Utapao to Pattaya

    I'm intending on flying Perth to Utapao via KL as it seems to be quicker and a little cheaper than going via either of the Bangkok airports. The taxi from Utapao to Pattaya should be no more than 800THB according to other threads on this forum and just an hour compared to 1300THB from Suvarnabhumi to Pattaya and 2.5 hours. The downside is the return flight UTP-PER incurs a 4.5 hour transfer at KL. Which sites or numbers should I hit up for booking the taxi from UTP to town? I used a lady called Meaw once a few years back but have since lost her number/LINE ID.
  6. Pole

    HPT Deaf Tour

    I was randomly browsing and found these. The very attractive lady probably caught my attention initially but the different view point and quickly going from subject to subject kept me interested in both.
  7. Hello all I am back in Thailand in December for New Year 2018 amd staying in Bangkok over new Year period. I am in Thailand for 3 months, as first test of my next living phase which will eventually be 6 months Thailand in UK winter then back to UK for 'Summer' (well it was good this year,,,) I am seeking to rent accomodation in Pattaya for approx 2 months, 60 days between approx arrival Jan 9th and depart (for Phuket) on March 8th for single occupant plus of course the usual glamorous guests... !! Ideally I am looking for: Central Pattaya location - ( I have shared a condo in CentrerCondotel in the past with a buddy) so somewhere between there and Soi 7/8 or near the Avenue would be ideal and normally i am staying in the LK Metro area (China Garden/|Areca/HunnyPot/Irish Rovers etc) I am very fit and a good walker but unsure if I want to be in Jomtien as that to me isn't really my area and I don't know it. MUST have very good wifi and strong internet connection ( aswill need dailly contact with my online businesses and virtual worlds) Fan/aircon a must, Full COOKING FACILITIES a must, not just microwave as I am a Masterchef (and can cook and entertain, a normal safe, and if there is a pool/gym that's great as I am in the gym daily. sea view lovely but not essential One bed is fine, prefer smart decor to 'stick' furniture but main thing is location, and good price. I will be making a lot of side trips in the 2 months to other places so want a good base to leave stuff and strike out for 3-4 days elswhere without check in and out. If you have connections or know any good places for a 2 month initial stay (I will be on recce for future properties while I am there) or have a place you want to rent out yourself contact me. I am a legacy ( ie: 'old' ) member, known to many, UK professional and super organised and ultra tidy, responsible etc and speak decent Thai and rent out property myself in UK so respect is high for wherever I stay.
  8. I'm looking to buy a condo, for less than 1.5 million baht. It needs to be walking distance to a baht bus route, and at least 35 sq meters. And owned in a foreigners name. Can be in Naklua, Pattaya or Jomtien, but not too far out. I'm looking for someone who wants to sell immediately and will give me a great price. PM me any offers.
  9. I wanted to get some feedback if thats ok by and admin. i am looking at renting 2-4 bedroom condo in the walking street area with the intention to airbnb the extra room(s). I have heard that its not really legal but talking with a couple of friends in the guesthouse industry it is possible if its not too in your face. the places im looking at have a relaxed policy on airbnb with a few already in the buildings and guests already coming and going. the questions i have are would you be willing to use an airbnb shared setup with a private room and private bathroom with use of the kitchen and living room tv internet....? what would be an amount you would be willing to pay per night? within a 5 min walk to walking street modern condo with pool and guest friendly. non smoking unless outdoor thanks for your feedback and suggestions and comments. have a good one
  10. adrenaline19

    Best Choice.

    I'm currently doing hotel research for my stay next month. I have always stayed near WS and I've decided to find a different hotel. Here is the problem, I can't decide which one I like the best! I've narrowed it down to the last few choices, but would love some input. A little bit of help from the forum would be appreciated. So, what do you all think? Where should I stay and why?
  11. Hi After a great holiday in and arround Pattaya I just wanted to make some compliments for the Pattaya Bay Resort - http://pattayabayresort.com. We arrived arround noon with no reservations and just hoped that there would be rooms available for our little group. We were greated by 3 lovely ladies at the reception, whom spoke very understandable english. We were treated with a cool cloth towel and a nice cold fruit drink, just as they announce on their homepage. We had a little chat with them and got a great price for our 14 day stay at the Hotel. 5 minutes later we had paid for our rooms and was on our way to the rooms. The rooms had a nice big bed, wonderfull AC, realsize fridge, big TV, safe, balkony and a very nice bathroom - just as descriped on the homepage. The rest of the hotel (Resturant, Fitness center, swimming pool, laundry service, business center & reading lounge) were also exactly as descriped or even better. Even more important the WiFi worked perfectly all over the hotel, all the way from the reception to the poolside. The hotel i placed in a nice walking distance from both 2nd road and Walking Street. But the Hotel also offers a free TukTuk service - just ask the nice receptionists. Furthermore they were also very helpfull with planning our holiday, just ask them a question and then they do almost everything to help you. I cannot compliment the good service at the hotel enough. The hotel is furthermore girlfriendly and they have the additional service to call and check if everything is ok when your guest leaves. Your guest can also have breakfest with you, just ask for an additional breakfast ticket. There are 5 options (different eggs) on the prepaid breakfast menu, but you can spice up the breakfast with the excellent menu from the resturant (also including poolside snacks and dinner). All in all a great experience, and I know where I will be staying when I return to Pattaya. Best regards PatNewb
  12. The best Facebook food and restaurant discussion group in town! Daily updates, reviews and photos from Thailand's eateries and especially around Pattaya. Plenty of people aren't on Facebook of course, which is one of the reasons why started this forum on PA. Most of the reviews from the Facebook group will appear here too. We hope that you enjoy dining in Thailand and hopefully find great new places on the strength of the reviews below. But please do not blame us or the reviewer if a meal doesn't meet your expectations! We all have different tastes and preferences, and just as importantly, restaurants and staff do have off days If you're on Facebook, we hope you'll you join the WIne&Dine FB group directly and if you're around town, post some comments or even contribute a review now and then. It can be a lot easier to post to Facebook when on the move. The WIne&Dine admin shares some FB posts back to this forum, with the OP's permission. Please help us to grow by adding or inviting your friends on Facebook to the group! If you're not into reviewing and taking photos of food, but have somewhere to recommend that's not reviewed here as yet, let us know in the comments and one of the WineAndDine team will get there as soon as we can. Not many rules. We want to make Thailand Wine & Dine free of waffle and the kind of disputes that put people off contributing. Any arguments/bad language/off-topic stuff will just be deleted. There are plenty of places where people can flame to their hearts' content, but not here. We're sticking to reviews and civil discussions, anything else is impossible to moderate and just gets pointlessly messy. Let's keep this a quality forum with honest reviews. Thanks!
  13. Hallo, Ich will eigendlich leider erst nächstes Jahr für ca 2 Wochen nach Pattaya reisen und ich frage mich wie läuft das mit der Reise ? Wie Plant ihr euere Reise? Sollte man vor Ort buchen oder lieber doch aus Deutschland bzw. pauschal oder individuell? Wie ist eigendlich der Flug der bekanntlich schon mal 14h andauern soll? Seid ihr am ersten Tag der Reise noch fit? Es ist kein Geheimnis, ich stehe eigendlich auf etwas ältere Frauen mit Kurven und Kanten =D. Aber auf den Fotos gibts eigendlich kaum solche Frauen. Meistens nur junge Hühner mit zu schlanker Figur. Wie stehen meine Chancen? Gibts in Pattaya auch reife und etwas mollige Frauen? So dann bin ich mal auf die Antworten gespannt !!!! Gruß Sascha
  14. I had been warned that Jose's Au Bon Coin would be hard to find, but I still drove past it twice in broad daylight. Hidden amongst the Pratumnak building sites with their inevitable attendant shanty towns populated by Khmer, Burmese and the occasional Isaan labourers, there it was - a faded blue hand-painted sign that wouldn't have been out of place in a mediaeval Provençal village. You walk in through an oasis of tropical greenery until you get to the restaurant, housed in a beautifully restored old Thai building, much of the carpentry done by Jose himself. Opening the door you are greeted by the unmistakable nutty aroma of browned butter, quickly followed by Jose, imposing in both girth and character. An Auvergnat, born amongst the moonscape-like volcanic peaks of the Puy de Dome department in the French Massif Central. After the meal we jokingly mentioned that we had heard mixed views about the restaurant and its creator. With a Gallic shrug came the retort "if zey are not appy we take zem by ze trouzair, et ouf .... " The dining area is a work of art in itself. Fascinating paintings and artefacts adorn walls and fill display cabinets, floor to ceiling windows add to the spacious and airy feel. And how rare is it to find a restaurant where you could fit an extra table between yourself and neighbouring diners. The kind of place designed to make you relax. And relax we did, firstly over Jose's preferred tipple, a kir, then progressively as each dish arrived, over a litre of very drinkable French pinot noir, followed by Calvados, Cognac(s)... We both started with half a dozen snails. They could have been carefully arranged in shells, but Jose preferred the dish to speak for itself; a bowl of half a dozen chunky and delicious snails minus shells swimming in garlic butter. We had salads to follow; I chose the endive (chicory) salad, just because this is such a typical and simple 'grandma's' dish around France. It was superb. The shavings of blue cheese - possibly bleu d'Auvergne? - together with the walnut, added the perfect finishing touch. While my dining partner went for the rib-eye, I chose the lamb gigot, nicely pink leg of lamb, with sauteed potatoes, decorated with a sprig of rosemary. It was so good that I had demolished most of the plateful before remembering to take a photo. I blame it on the fast vanishing litre of pinot noir. Loved the wording on the menu for the apple pie - "20 minutes wait". Clearly, microwaved frozen desserts are a big 'Non Non' chez Jose. And it was well worth the delay. The unmistakable aroma of nutmeg and cinnamon arrived almost before the plate. Topped with a scoop of apple sorbet, with the bottle of Calvados left on the table, so I could pour it on myself. Can't remember the last time I saw that, if ever. The rest of the evening was increasingly hazy, as snifters of Calvados were followed by several balloons of Cognac. I vaguely remember trying a variety of espressos that were not so impressive. But that aside it was a truly great night's wining and dining, with excellent French cooking at reasonable prices. Only the excessive alcohol consumption greatly inflated the bill to well over 6000 baht for the two of us. But no regrets, and Au Bon Coin is top of my list for a return visit. Great fun, and apologies for anything else I may have forgotten through Cognac-induced amnesia... I think there a couple of tasty amuse-bouche nibbles at some point, but as for what they were...
  15. I recently had the pleasure of staying at the Metro Apartments on LK Metro. I stayed in two different rooms during my 11 day stay, and both were top notch in size and quality. The rate was 800 thb per night. Longer stays will get a discount, I believe. LK Metro has many places to stay, with some as low as 450 baht a night. Those are more like closets. I found the value at Metro Apartments to be very, very good. Like many places, the front rooms can be a little noisy. I took some photos for the owner, Dennis, and would like to share them here. The room pictures are in room 1, on the first floor above the bar, and you can't hear any street noise in this room. You also can't hear the bar downstairs. They don't crank the music in the bar, so it's not really an issue. Oh - it's a non-smoking bar, but you can smoke in the rooms and on the balconies. Room 1 has a brand new air conditioner as well. They installed it while I was in the other room. Enjoy!
  16. Cheap Rooms Central Pattaya now available at A G Apartments. Located on Third Road next to the bike shop on the corner of Soi Lenkie. Weekly @ 2500 baht (include electric & water) Monthly @ 6500 baht (include water - electric @ 4.5 baht a unit) Long term rates negotiable on request. Serious inquiries please PM or visit us at A G International Property Group. https://www.facebook...36946264&type=3
  17. Hello everyone , I am planning to visit pattaya in May 1st week . Which visa is better and cheaper . 1. Visa from india. 2. OnArrival visa in bankok.
  18. Hi. I have met a very sweet girl on www.Thailand-Singles.com and now i am going to meet her in pattaya. Can you recommend a cheap hotel in pattaya near sukhumvit road that can impress my date ? i have heard about a hotel in soi 8 namedsunshine hotel, the prise should be about 1200 baht. Does anyone know that hotel ? By the way, i think you should try out www.Thailand-Singles.com it’s a great thai dating site, its very easy to use, its cheap and the ladys on the site is very cute and kind. Thanks thainoe
  19. Chris12390


    I have had a brief exposure while I was in pattaya when the condom broke. The HIV status of the girl has not been confirmed. Soon after the exposure I noticed a bump in my lower lip that I went and got checked out and was told it was a mucocele or a mucous cyst. I have never had A cyst in my life let alone one in my mouth. I have been using antibiotics and kenalog for a week With no results thus far. Could this indicate possible HIV infection? I have also had a mosquito bite that got infected on my leg, which has never happened before either. I did the HIV rapid test at 8 weeks and now wondering if I should do the 3 month one based on these symptoms. Is the rapid test accurate? Should I just move on?
  20. In preparing for my trip I am going to need a good computer setup, not really staying long enough to justify buying so I was wondering about renting...I will be needing 4 monitors and a computer that will be able to handle that. Anyone know of a place in pattaya that rents computers and monitors? Also the prices... any pointers would be appreciated, cheers 0
  21. Hi, I am wanting to rent an apartment in Pattaya from March till June (3 months) this year.. the thing that is bugging me though is that my one need that is 100% necessary is the internet connection (I am needing my own connection fast and stable for work wifi alone would not be suitable..Im a trader (where seconds are important and could be nasty lose of money if I lost connection) the apartment would need to have a telephone line with the internet set up or atleast the potential of it being set up, Do any apartments with this kind of short term rental have this set up, if not do you think its possible to get it set up and how long and at what price would it be? Just wondering if there are any other traders in Pattaya and what the internet is like for trading... also what the best internet service provider is there at the moment? From my research tonight im getting the feel that Sophon is the best cheers,
  22. moonbeam

    Mountain biking

    Is there a mountain biking centre in the Pattaya area? It is something that I miss whilst in Pattaya. I have been to the 1 in Chiang Mai, based around Doi Suthep and the 1 at Ao Nang but as yet haven't found anything in Pattaya.
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