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  2. Scuba+

    Current Agogo status

    I'm sure it will make a come back, gogos go up and down every week
  3. Barhop

    Debunking the Pattaya myth

    Maybe they are pushing them out to create more room
  4. Ru4Real

    150 million reasons for Aussies

    Mr Boingo and Mrs Boingo
  5. Ru4Real

    Using bank ATMs, or better idea?

    No, they don't ... same if not better (with one caveat, don't accept the banks rate if offered). Depending on what card you have the main issue is the 220 Bht ATM fee, forex fee, and any other fees your own bank may charge if it's a shit bank. I've withdrawn at the SCB "money exchange" (as in the booth on beach road down towards WS) once before but not sure if possible at others. See first point above - the rate you get will be the Visa or Mastercard rate therefore, which ATM is irrelevant. Think multiple ATM fees in that case, max you'll get in one hit is 30,000 Bht (more commonly 20,000 Bht) and that will also be dependant on your daily limit from home bank. Sounds like actually going into a bank and withdrawing could be a better option for you; amount you can get in one hit is only limited by your home bank daily limit and allegedly no ATM fee charged (been a while since I've done that and can't say I bothered to check so can't guarantee).
  6. Scribes

    150 million reasons for Aussies

    3 winners 2 from QLD, 1 from NSW 50 million beer coupons each. Not a bad day at the office!
  7. Jeffone

    Current Agogo status

    Yep and girls are fatter. Their no quality control has caught up with them Very sad. That place was my favorite. I hope it makes a come back.
  8. Scuba+

    Current Agogo status

    Yep and girls are fatter. Their no quality control has caught up with them
  9. Scuba+

    Thai girls who like anal

    That's where you are going wrong
  10. Spellforce

    Gov't to scrap TM6 Arrival Cards

    @tko For sure that will be fine for you. It was sad that all the long stay residents that ALL changed their passport were not able to do their 90 days notification online. It will be fixed now
  11. Today
  12. tko

    Gov't to scrap TM6 Arrival Cards

    I didn't know about that link, as my passport hasn't expired since I moved here. It will in a little over a year, so I hope they've done away with the TM6 by then.
  13. Spellforce

    Gov't to scrap TM6 Arrival Cards

    @tko Today online 90 days notification is only working if your TM6 is linked to your passport number. If you renewed for a new passport in your ambassy in Thailand, then your TM6 is not linked to your new passport (in the thai immigration database): untill now the online app checked your passport & TM6, then the app didn't find it and you were blocked. If the TM6 is cancelled and no more checked in their app, then everybody will be able to do their 90 days notification online.
  14. Scuba+

    Girls in open bars without bras

    I think we are talking more of photos like this and no silicon. Not easy to find Asian
  15. TimboJones

    Your regular bar?

    Hey Dude don’t get paranoid. I like your style. I’m planning a trip where the only clothes I’m packing is a robe and slippers and never leave my room, hahaha. Long live TF.

    Your regular bar?

    Mate them long island ice teas are pre drinks on another level. They do a stamp system now where you buy 5 drinks and then get one on the house. Never been sobre enough to manage to use the stamp card. Always end up too pissed and giving it away
  17. tko

    Gov't to scrap TM6 Arrival Cards

    I've been doing the 90 day report online for a couple years using the website. I hope they also do a website for the TM30.
  18. TimboJones

    Your regular bar?

    They don’t under pour at Sailor Bar, that’s for sure.
  19. Buttviking

    Thai girls who like anal

    Those Fuck ass tattoos has been discussed at length before and unfortunately the available data indicates that they in no way guarantee the lady is up for back door fun
  20. Australian, in Pattaya, need to take some cash out of my Aus bank account, in Thai baht, is ATM the only way to do it? I know ATMs give shitty rate compared to money exchange but can't use card at money exchange can you? And if ATM is the best option, do some banks give better rate or just go to any ATM? Talking a decent amount of $$ here so it's worthwhile asking
  21. jollygumpster

    150 million reasons for Aussies

    I would like to be the first person to congratulate the boingos on their win, very well done indeed. Any other board member thinking of sending boingo a begging letter via the private message system here dont bother, I have already filled his in box.
  22. mrgem1982

    Can't cum inside when using condoms - Advise needed.

    I was married for 12 years hence no condom use for those years. Now in Pattaya I sometimes go bareback, sometimes blowie, sometimes don't finish. Make more sense?
  23. per anum


    The year your Thai/White mixed offspring finally start looking white?
  24. Interesting topic. I think a lot of the suggestions are great. But the guy that put ointment on his dick made me think. So I looked on Amazon and sure enough there’s a product for that with good reviews. Man1 man oil. Has anyone tried it?
  25. semi-retired member

    Transfers at Hong Kong intl

    Note that there's also a separate satellite-terminal, with only 10 extra gates, used mainly by Cathay Dragon for local/regional-flights. I've used it arriving/departing from CNX/Chiang-Mai. The connecting bus to/from the main-terminal takes 5-10 minutes, depending on how busy the ground-traffic & taxi-ing aircraft are. I've made a 60-minute connection, when both flights were to/from the main-terminal, equally I've know up-to 25-minutes delay at security-check, at busy times. But I Would go for it, and expect to make the connection, unless my inbound-flight was a bit late.
  26. Bwfc1987

    Old School

    This person must still be living in the ice age. There is not even an email address on the postcard. I hope this guy will be able to access this website when he was at home. Probably the winter is coming to his country so he is escaping from the freezing winter and coming over to Pattaya for the weather and entertainment.
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