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  3. Plantbasedkacj

    She wants the lights turned off... Rant

    If i bump into her I'm legging it to BKK airport and hoping on a plane to the Philippines
  4. deano4598

    Shower thoughts

    I think about Pattaya as much as I think about sex..... hang on, Pattaya is sex...... I think about Pattaya ALL the time.
  5. deano4598

    Nursing Home..Really?

    Perhaps it is an establishment specialising in guys who dig lactating girls?
  6. mirage

    Hotels With 18+ Age Policy

    This is confusing, so it’s okay (legal) for 18-20 year olds to work in bars, parlours etc. but not okay (illegal) for hotels to admit them as guests? Or is 20+ the legal age in Thailand?
  7. kenshinsh

    What would you have done?

    hard to tell without hearing it myself, but definitely don't kick the door down. If your mistaken, i don't think the guy and girl is going to take it kindly towards someone who just kicked their door in while they where fucking. Just hit up the reception if your that worried.
  8. BlooBell

    What would you have done?

    Hard to say withour hearing it for myself. My default in Patts is 'not my business', I try to keep myself to myself. I suppose only you can say whether you did the right thing based on your intuition, having heard the noise. Reception would have been the way to go, had you decided to intervene
  9. Today
  10. swede37

    What would you have done?

    Didnt sound like any porno I have seen. I made a recording of the sound but it made me sick when played back so I deleted it right away so if I ever came across a porno sounding like that I would not watch it. The main reason general noise complaint never crossed my mind was that the girls I brought back probably was as loud just different kind of sound so then I would have had to stop as well. I could not hear it in my room just in the hallway.
  11. sabato

    Nursing Home..Really?

    Same can likely be said of any nursing home lol. Even if you weren't sexually active, it would be far more interesting than the dull landscape of many nursing homes.
  12. ThePope

    Nursing Home..Really?

    this gives me a great idea for a gogo bar. "the nursing home" the staff put you in a wheelchair when you come in and wheel you to your seat. two bargirls dressed in scrubs help you transfer in to your seat taking care that you dont slip and break a hip. when you order a drink the girls help you sip from it since you are too weak to hold the glass. live music with church choirs and volunteer bands playing songs from the good old days. opens at noon closes at 7pm.
  13. felix the cat

    Post a cute Thai girl smile

    Some girls i shagged last November. The last pic with 2 girls was a 3'some....walked into Blue Sky bar on WS, the girl in the red was one of my regs, she introduced me to her friend & the rest of the night was amazing! You've gotta love Pattaya!
  14. Laoman

    Going to Laos in April w/ Lao GF

    Many years ago when I first cam to Lao this might have been a problem. Today this is not worth worrying about. Your girlfriend is correct.
  15. I drove past it once and barely saw it when I came back. They need a bigger sign. It is next to a hair salon which has 75 baht haircuts. Like I said, I would turn on Google Maps for a first trip. Despite being a lesser known out of the way place, they draw a decent enough crowd. Must have been 6 tables in use on the night we were there.
  16. ludwighigh

    Nursing Home..Really?

    Hopefully a problem none of my friends here will have to endure.
  17. fastmover

    Sexual fantasy

    Here is my advice to the OP There is no point having fantasies you’re better off having realities Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. BKKBunny

    Your pre-sex meal

    Kamagra, Viagra, Coconut Water. All Day All Night
  19. wrassell

    Some photos just because I like to take pictures

    When I came to Thailand the first time I ended up on this Island called Koh Larn, for 3 days nursing a really bad hangover. When I got back to California I wanted to look for information about Koh Larn and to my surprise, there was no kohlarn.com 5 minutes later it was registered in my name that was back in 2002. Back then there may have been 500 visitors a day total now there are at least 10,000 people a day visit this little island. I feel pretty lucky that I got to live out there early on for about 2 years. I still maintain the website to this day. My artwork comes in handy that way I don't have to pay for that and all websites need at least a little artwork to make them stand out. I struggle with writing so having the ability to do artistic things really helps out in a big way. Here is something that I learned a while back, but just now getting around to using it. This technique in photoshop is called rectangle to polar. Lots of fun and you never know how it is going to look until you have done it. So here is a photo I shot back about 7 years ago that I thought would look nice on my website... https://www.flickr.com/photos/russellthorne/albums https://www.kohlarn.com/
  20. gsedm2017

    Modafinil/adderal/ritalin in pattaya?

    Last I checked, Adderall is illegal in every country except the US. I don't know if this is still the case but I had no issues carrying my prescription with me.
  21. gsedm2017

    Favourite Thai Girl Quote

    Me: Think you can handle me fucking you 20 times in a night? TG: Sure. I'll fuck you to death. I'll make sure you die of exhaustion and dehydration. well played... well played
  22. gsedm2017

    Your pre-sex meal

    I often prefer to eat afterwards. Morning fuck, then breakfast. If I grab a girl at night, I usually let them choose what to eat. Kinda like a last meal deal before I pummel them.
  23. Can’t do that as mentioned in post #2. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. Jeffone

    Hotels With 18+ Age Policy

    I think it would be very difficult to get a hotel to admit to breaking the law with an 18+ policy. I think it would be impossible to hold them to any sort of commitment of that sort.
  25. Some fall in love with Pattaya and then jump into an investment of property. It can be a condo or a home and of course you will hear the debate on buying or renting. Take your time before making a huge investment that could become a "white elephant" for you. Even if you buy with the idea of renting it out, finding a good renter is hard. Selling it may be more of a problem, than you anticipate, so buyer beware...!
  26. forcebwithu

    Who remembers the Welkom Inn - Soi 3 ?

    I had many a fun night in Oh La La bar. Each bar in the complex was a bit lower than then other, so you had to watch your step walking to/from the bathroom at the low end in the back. There was Ya Dong stand just outside the bathroom too. Used to buy a shot each time to fortify myself for the walk back up to the bar. One night that didn't work out so well as I was well and truly shitfaced, so much so I missed a step up between bars, pitched forward and cracked my front tooth on the concrete. I was too drunk to feel any pain, but created quite a stir among the BG's when I returned and they saw I was missing a quarter of my tooth. Ah, the memories. The good ones are the ones we survive and live to tell about.
  27. Because I have mild OCD, I tend to make mileage moves earlier than necessary, especially if I am thinking about them! 555 Even though I literally just got back from Thailand TODAY, I just moved 64,000 Cap One points to EVA (48,000 miles) and then moved another 27,000 Citi TY points, which should get me to 75,000 EVA miles. Transfers take up to 5 business days, so even if I could have logged onto Cap One from Thailand, the transfers would not have been fast enough to use miles for my return yesterday/today. I have read -- and certainly HOPE! -- that EVA miles are valid for 3 or 4 years, so plenty of time to cash them out for a OW business class ticket. For now, I'll keep my fingers crossed that there will not be a devaluation and that I can find availability on EVA when I want to go back.
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