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  2. talung66

    Thai girls who like anal

    get back when you have 50 posts.
  3. talung66

    Booking multiple cities flights?

    read what other have said well As doesn't sound like your in touch with the was things work if you use the multi city function on a web site and it give you a hour for layover it will be fine as you bags are checked to final destination .if you flying on separate tickets you need to do more homework i dont know your US cities airports but you will be going from domestic to international . so factor in if its the same airport (terminal) from in sydney ours are 3 km apart.So you will need at least 3 hours once your in the international airport. And hope your flight is on time a you bought seperate tickets so it is your issue not theirs.
  4. Golf courses were quiet for a while there.
  5. Exiled

    Roadworks on Second rd

    These aren't really drains? They started doing this out on Siam Country Club road recently seen them put one in on Soi Baukhao outside the soi at Re-Con Hotel. These are large cement channels basically to hold the water underground instead of the water above ground flooding the area waiting for the small drains pipes under the ground to drain it away. The water drains into these large channels hopefully held there until it can drain into the existing smaller pipes preventing flooding in the area?
  6. pattaya was at its best any time before the smartphone recessions did not come in to the equation . Additionally from reading it look like a case of what flag your flying a small blip but by 2012 the aud was the best performing currency in the word and we were getting 32 its only now were in the shitter. i remember that as someone in my doggy hotel couldnt get out as i seen him the day after he was meant to leave .He ended up getting put up in the hard rock hotel with a 600 a day to voucher included on the thai government
  7. BarfineNutella

    Thai girls who like anal

    I try and convince them all to try, but I know that if they haven’t done it before it usually takes a girl around 2 months to be anal ready. It’s a training process from finger to plug to dick. The furtherest you’ll get with a first timer is a finger or two. Still fun to see if you can convince em
  8. Explorer8939

    Photos of Soi Buakhao / MiT bars at 11pm last night

    Nothing ever changes in Pattaya.
  9. talung66

    THB Predictions more pain to come

    fyi it got this close to below 36 just 10 days ago snip from TT FB page and is in the 37s now
  10. In November 2008 I was sat at home because my flight had been cancelled due to the airport occupation, and by the time I arrived in late December the Pound had fallen from nearly 70 Baht to just above 50 Baht but other than my money not going as far I didn't notice any real difference in Pattaya.
  11. semi-retired member

    Sponsors dropping like flies

    I've been using that trick for at least 20-years now, it's good for 3-4 kgs of sweets/books (coming home to Thailand) when done right, I always hang on to my old Duty-Free bags just in case I need one in future ! But the b*stards keep changing the style they use ! These newbie travellers, they probably think they invented this stuff !
  12. Today
  13. VeryScary

    Booking multiple cities flights?

    I'm trying to leave the 2nd or 3rd week in September. October at the latest.
  14. VeryScary

    Booking multiple cities flights?

    I was using momondo. Skyscanner is giving me better prices. Thanks.
  15. Nope, no big change in 2008. Pattaya survived that recession just fine, and continues to do so now and through the next one. Bigger for me was the Asian Crash of 1997 when the Thai baht went from the traditional 25:1 level to 50:1 level against USD. Those were happy days, and I was doubly hansum man. Most memorable 2008 moment for me was similar to a few others here - I managed to fly out of BKK Airport a few hours before the protesters (yellow shirts, right?) closed the Airport in November. It would have been very difficult to explain to the Missus how I ended up being stuck in Bangkok at the time.
  16. SiamDreamer

    Mongering Alone - Strange conversations with strangers?

    Most of my trips are solo, and I tend to stay busy always on the go moving from one venue/event to the next. However I do try to find time to re-connect and chat with fellow tourist I already know, expats I already know who live there, and friends/associates (farang and Thai) who still work in specific places (Lucifer, Sexy In the City, Ibar, Marine, etc). If I'm not with a chick or solo roaming around, I just socialize with people I'm already familiar with, and stay within that circle of vetted proven friends and associates who live there. Aside from that I just keep it moving and stay busy with the ladies. This forces me to prioritize my time carefully while there so it's hard to meet new expats/farangs and make new friends.
  17. Yesterday
  18. briguy

    Help me decide!! 3/7 in AC/Patts or 10 in Patts?

    I actually found LT easier in Patts. All the girls I got from Bamboo, Red Car and Insomnia stayed overnight with no argument.
  19. It was the beginning in 2008 and the last time any of us got a pay rise.Living in Amsterdam you could furnish your house with what people were dumping in the street when they refurbished every year that stopped dead,I moved in 2010 and the guy who put in my bamboo floor was getting paid €30 a square metre before 2008 I paid him €10,he used to spend the winter in Ibiza and Thailand he was a surly mother.It was the last time Pattaya saw all those plasterers on £1000 a week. It was years before Pattaya saw the change and it was the subtle every year the high season got shorter, the amount of Europeans visiting dropped,the Russians came and went and came and went. And finally the end result is the currencys drops a bit and we don't have the cash any more to cope. Oh and the prices in gogo's and bars the fun ones anyway started to rocket upwards The first round of the western oriented businesses started to disappear for more hotels and they are now being finished off according to what I read.
  20. Biennial

    Booking multiple cities flights?

    What are your travel dates? Turkish Airlines through Istanbul shows up cheapest on Kayak in November. Delta/China Eastern $837 at the beginning of October.
  21. Available from 6 September 2019 Mitsubishi Attrage GLS Ltd Automatic Top model USB, Bluetooth audio,AUXMultifunctional steering wheel. Eco car Full Rental insurance. Free Delivery Weekly 6,000 b Monthly 16,000 b Long term negotiable from 15,000 b Tel 0899-326-716 Thai 0895-467-216 Email bookings pattayagolf@hotmail.com
  22. i was in bangla road a year ago and it was russian central. I saw a girl who was the body double of Anastasia Kvitko, obviously with boyfriend. The Russian women were all glammed up, most of them absolutely stunning! It really was russia town, the freelance disco's that i remembered from only 5 years previously were still there but the character had changed massively. People complain about Pattaya changing, but that's nothing compared to the rate I think Phuket has changed sadly.
  23. Thinking of going to China for just under a week - Shenzhen - two British Citizens and one American - have looked at the VOA option but would prefer to find an agent in Pattaya to get a multiple entry visa One agent in Soi Post Office seemed OK but could only organise a Single Entry Visa Anyone got any recommendations? Alternatively we could go to BKK and get a visa on the same day - any experience there or an Agent in BKK Thanks in advance .....
  24. wengweng

    Mongering Alone - Strange conversations with strangers?

    I am here to talk mate.
  25. Are you here to talk or fuck?
  26. geezerrb

    Mongering Alone - Strange conversations with strangers?

    Although it was not the original plan I have always gone to LOS as a "lone wolf" and I do not think I have often instigated a conversation with many people but odd times it has led to great info/knowledge. A few times others starting a conversation has been OK, yet in the main it has been my experience even when trying to "home in" on a girl , its time to leave as by experience many of these "interlopers" will kill any chance you have with the girl.
  27. I've been coming to pattaya for the last 16 years of course change has taken over the city of pattaya .it's not the sleepy little fishing village it once was ,but I like the change for one thing the hotels , roads , shopping and nightlife have only improved over the years. I love Thailand I was hooked 16 years ago and I'm hooked today ,ok so you have to pay $ 15 dollars more Wow that's 483 tb c'mon guys it's 2019 not year 2000.
  28. Rocketboy

    IDBF World Dragon Boat Racing Championships

    Well I'm going today and I have a Thai DL. Went to Nong Nooch back in April and having the DL saved me and my friend Jack a couple hundred baht. There is a non Thai price and a Thai nationality price. Our other friend paid the non Thai price because he didn't have Thai DL. I will see if that applies at the race if there is an admission fee. I couldn't find info on any website as to the cost. Either way I'll pay as it's something I'd like to see, as I would have at NN if I didn't have a Thai DL.
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