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  2. tulakhom


    Did you do a Lt with Miss Catalinah from Madagascar ? https://www.thaifriendly.com/Catalinah I plan a Lt with her. I took some drinks with her. Beautiful, tall, slim, nice body, small breast, polite, professional.
  3. princeofwales


    Was it the chick with fuzzy hair that's on Thai friendly I believe she is from Madagascar
  4. Chow Soy - (Soi Chaiyapoon) Sure it’s not the best chinese restaurant but for location and price is a good value. I like to eat Lemon Chicken here specially after pay a visit to one of Amon’s girls Leng Kee - (Pattaya klang) Famous chinese restaurant. It has a huge selection of dishes. I like to eat Duck here. Good place. duck Fu Man Lou - (near Soi 6) I discovered this place last trip when my friends wanted to eat something before go Soi 6. Genuine chinese restaurant. The waitress recommended us some sort of Dumpling’s soup and it was delicious.
  5. he's probably after the oriental variety.
  6. mgthom75

    Wtf? Kev-In-Thailand diagnosed with cancer?

    Agreed. An empty apartment in Spain is a luxury he can afford to get rid of before asking for charity IMHO. I pray he gets better but I do hope he tries to liquidate non-essential assets before asking for help from others.
  7. What style of Chinese Food?
  8. Leedsmick

    Wtf? Kev-In-Thailand diagnosed with cancer?

    His assets are the same as mine or your bank accounts etc etc.. if you need to dip in you need to dip in?? If I had to put my holiday on a credit card and pay it off over the months I was back home/cold/bored/dreaming of my next trip I wouldn’t expect others to feel my pain? i feel sorry for the guy and his illness but if Joe blogs was next to him in the same boat he wouldn’t have had any help as he’s not on youtube.. what’s a holiday home in a place you done go compared to your health treatment??.
  9. Today
  10. Hi Could someone please recommend a Chinese Restaurant in Pattaya that serves good food at a resonable price. Thanks.
  11. mgthom75

    Wtf? Kev-In-Thailand diagnosed with cancer?

    We obviously have a different perspective on when it's appropriate to request charitable donations on a vlog or GoFundMe. I personally would only do it as a last resort but you obviously have a different opinion (which I totally respect and certainly wouldn't use language like 'cruel cunt' for disagreeing with you). To be clear, his apartment and truck do not provide 'retirement income'...they just consume additional monthly expenses...the former is empty and the latter is not essential in Pattaya (presumably unlike where you live). Relying on other posters, he may also have one or two other properties he could sell; and vehicles in Thailand are worth a lot more compared to the US or Canada, because of the crazy import taxes. If he were desperately in need, I could understand him asking for help on YouTube and GoFundMe...as I've said before, I'd gladly contribute to his health expenses if he made more of an effort to sell these non-essential assets. Selling his truck alone would easily cover the additional 400,000 baht required to fund his surgery. I think he's taking a big risk by expecting donors alone to cover this shortfall since he's only raised $14000 last time I looked and most of that was wiped out by recent complications. Out of interest, have you contributed to his health expenses?
  12. Looking at an awards ticket, which would require a 4:50 connection between HND and NRT in Tokyo. Do they handle the luggage? All metal is on JAL. Is there a bus or train or something ? Immigration problems? Anybody done this before? __________________
  13. Kickoff

    Thoughts on Licking Pussy

    A TG who just wants to lie down and have you do all the work...SHOCKER!!!
  14. I'm shit with names sorry mate...sure shes eady to find online though. I just found this...
  15. Yea I just called an politely asked...the front desk ppl were really sound an eager to please. I tipped them a few times so I think they were happy to help. I guess it's all about being nice... if your a pissy guest they prob say no...be polite an nice n they return it to you.
  16. The Danimal

    July 16 and 17 - Bars Closed - What to Do?

    All of LK was closed...75% of WS AGG were open...most around 10...WS itself was actually very busy...the 5-6 AGG I went to were all busy...Sapphire was full at 9 serving virgin drinks and had 3 rotations
  17. LuvThaiPussy

    Best place in the world you have been for girls

    ^^^^^ @rioman Appreciate the reply and info.
  18. Hi all. Been some time since I was last active in here. I want to ask for help to find a hotel in Jomtien, it must me a more family kind of hotel. The thing is that I plan to go there with my Thai wife and daughter. My daughter will be 13 years old at the time, so I need a hotel good for young teenagers. So why go to Pattaya with my daughter, you may think; my wife will go alone to the north of Thailand to do some munk buisness with her son and I would like to go to visit some bars when my daughter sleep at night. and be good family father at daytime. So please any surgestions are most welcome. Thank you
  19. talung66

    world cup 2019 predictions ( 5 that i know of)

    i think every australian sport fan over 30 would know that. At the time a totally different era with tony greig and graham hicks a pom . now tell me why was KP classified one. As australian sports fan the list is endless with similar name you may never know about like hana mandlikova and tatiana gergoriava two of my favorites + we have aussie joe bugner
  20. rise.above

    Conqeruing the wrold while drunk

    Wise words!
  21. Showerbeersx

    My Trip Review... fantastic week in Patts

    Lol how did you go about this? Call the front desk and ask? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. Vivek_C

    Am i doing this right?

    I am assuming, people have too much alcohol in their system to watch the image properly.
  23. You'll be competing with local Singaporean and Indian PM's who are a dime a dozen
  24. Jous


    Ahh the old price thread. Expect to pay 1000-1500 for ST and 2000-3000 for LT with FLs and BGs. William get it for free.
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