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LK Premier Review


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LK Premier


OK, I promised a review of this hotel a bit back, sorry for the delay.

I stayed in LK Premier from 16 December 2010 till 12 January 2011.

The price I paid was 15000BHT for a month in the high season, is less in the low, they have monthly prices as well as daily and weekly, I paid over the LK website.

Had to leave a 5000BHT deposit as soon as I arrived, this I got back in full when I left.

I have stayed at the LK Renaissance two time before so I felt secure about the quality since this is also a LK hotel.


Included in 1 month price:


Room cleaning every 2nd day

1 free guest at a time - Additional guests cost 500BHT



The Reception

The reception is very simple but still looks nice, it is of the open air type with no walls. This is one of the cheaper LK hotels so don`t expect any extra service, I had to take my bags to the room myself but for this price I didn`t mind.

Like I said don`t expect any extra service, I don`t think the staff gets paid for it. But what I discovered on New Years was that when I bought the receptionists on duty a bottle og Sam Song(Thai whiskey) which is really cheap and the Thai`s love it. The friendliness really increased, and for a little cost ;)

At the reception you can also pick up extra towels and clean sheets, which you might be needing ;)


The Room

As I understood they have two room sizes the Standard and one bigger, only the Standard is advertised for some reason on their website. I stayed at the standard.

The room was nice, enough space for me and my guest(s) of honor. The furniture looks good and has a classy look to it.

The bed was a bit hard, but that all depends on your taste what you like, I`m used to a soft bed but managed fine with this one.

There is also a big TV with remote with plenty of channels in many different languages.

The air conditioner worked well and did not make any discomforting noises, it also has a remote and goes all the way down to 18 degrees.

There is free wifi in all the rooms, just remember to ask for the code. It`s not the fastest connection and sometimes they have problems with the router, just mention it to the staff if needed and they will have some LK service guy come and fix it the same day.

The room also had a good electronic safe in adequate size, I have a netbook pc and had no problems putting that in there with a whole lot of other stuff.

There is a fridge which looked quite new in my room, since there is no extra service it comes completely empty.


The bathroom was alright not grand and luxurious like in the Renaissance but did not feel cheap either. It has mostly the same classy styling as the Renaissance.

I did have some trouble adjusting to the right water temperature in the shower, it`s is easily too hot or too cold, but after some fine "tuning" you find the tiny spot where it is just right.


There is by the way no real view in this hotel, my balcony was right opposite to a balcony of the hotel right adjacent to LK Premier.

On the other side of the hotel there might be a *bit* more of a view, an open field with a junkyard at the end with lots of cars and motorbikes.

The room is also not that sound proof, you can hear people in the hallway if they are talking loudly and I could hear a baby from the room next to mine. It wasn`t enough to really bother me but once when I had brought a really loud girl to the room I heard clapping and cheering right after we had finished hahahaha!


Room Service/Cleaning

Well there isn`t like I`ve mentioned before any room service but you do get your room cleaned. This is every 2nd day if you pay per month. Must be everyday when you pay per day and for the weekly rates I`m not sure.

For many people that might be alright, but I prefer to have my room cleaned and my bedsheets changed everyday especially when you are bringing a new girl to the room later on.

The maid only gets paid to clean the room every 2nd day but is happily willing to make an arrangement with you to clean every day for a private additional fee.

I`m not sure how much that additional fee should be for I was a bit silly and offered her too much, 100BHT for each extra day. Haha she was hot and I was hoping to bag her.

The extra sheets and towels are free even on the non cleaning days. I also had a girl bleed on the sheets a few days, they did not charge me any extra for that, but the maid did jokingly scold me.

When I first arrived at my new home for the next month I could see that it had not been cleaned so thoroughly, I pointed this out to the maid in a jokingly fashion and she laughed and did make it all nice and shiny :)

You also get 2 free bottles of filtered water a day, a shower cap, toilet paper, soap, q-tips and shampoo.



This is where I understand the hotel manages to keep it`s costs low. For there are no real facilities at the hotel

no restaurant

no fitness room - But you can use the ones at other LK hotels for free

no pool

no massage parlor.

no room service



There is an open kitchen for all the residents of the hotel behind the reception.

Here you/your girlfriend can cook food or microwave last nights leftovers. It does have most of the cutlery, pots, pans and table wear you need for cooking or dining.

Also a fridge where you can put your food and drinks in so you don`t have to carry it back and forth from your room. There are a few tables with sofas and chairs of a little bit grand quality where you can sit and eat, you have to clean after yourself though.

There is also a parking under the hotel where you can park your motorbike or car.



It is right behind 3rd road, almost right opposite Xzyte disco.

You either have to take motorbike taxi`s or rent a motorbike yourself, as which I did, to get to Walking Street, otherwise It`ll be a 30 min walk.

There are motorbike taxi`s close by as well.

Baht buses also are near by.



There is a shop right next to the hotel which has most of the basic things you need, I didn`t catch the name but is the only shop right next to the hotel.

They also rent out motorcycles and have a self service laundry mat.


I rented a motorcycle from them, very friendly woman who handles it as well as the laundry mat. Costs 2500BHT for a month and you get to borrow 2 helmets for free, 1000BHT deposit which I also got back in full.

They also have bigger bikes which cost more.

I was very happy with renting from this place, on New Years eve I managed to lose my motorbike key and was afraid of the sanctions they may hold against me. When I told her of what had happened I was surprised that she just laughed and pulled out a bike with a carriage and we went to pick up the bike from 2nd road. I only had to pay for a new copy of the motorbike key, the padlock which they had to cut off and 50BHT for the workshop job.


Laudry mat has 2 differnt sizes

Normal size costs 20BHT per wash

Bigger size costs 30BHT per wash

You also have to buy powder, that they have at the shop and its only 10BHT

You can hang your clothes there as well, with the Thai weather it dries quite fast.


End Notes

The biggest focus of the hotels were the rooms and I did not feel that LK made that big a compromise on the quality to lower the costs.

But if you don`t want to get a motorbike, motorbike taxi or take the Baht bus it can be a bit out of the way.

I had a budget and managed fine without all the extra`s.

I was quite happy with this hotel and can strongly recommend it.

But on the plus side of the location, a lot of the girls live close by, some of my regulars did and that made it very comfortable for me just asking them to drop by ;)

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just read this.


Thanks for the info.


Any experience of the other LKs in Pats




My only other experience is from LK Renaissance in soi Diana. That one is really good, great quality rooms, friendly staff and the manager Tong takes really good personal care of all the guests. You do feel like your staying at a good hotel. The location is alright as well, 10-15 min from Walking Street. It`s is more expensive than LK Premier but for sure worth the money if you have some extra. I have only stayed there in low season, then I got the room for 1500BHT a night, you have to talk personally to the manager to get that price, the other staff doesn`t have the authority it seems and it depends on the demand. It does have a little pool but not as grand as other hotels, the restaurant is just ok but they do deliver breakfast to your room plus for your guest with no extra cost if you have breakfast included in the price. No gym, but you can use the one at LK Metropole just 3 min walk from there. And its 100% joiner charge free, Tong told me I could stuff as many girls I possibly could into the room and they would not charge me haha. If you do decide to stay at the Renaissance be sure to book a room at the back of the hotel, the front ones are subject to a lot of noise from the bars right outside.

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A very detailed report, thanks for sharing

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