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  2. QuotaMan

    Thai Girls and Tatts

    You could say it's just how the younger generation are these days as tattoos are considered 'cool' and trendy. Many young people in my neck of the woods have tattoos. However I don't think many non-P4P Thai girls have tattoos and it seems the majority of Thai ladies that get tattoos these days work in bars/agogos. When you have a lot of disposable income and time on your hands, you get bored and just do what your friends are doing. Voila, the start of one tattoo, then another, then... I'm not a huge fan of tattoos on women as I've stated many times before here. However I have barfined several women with tattoos and they were great girls, and a girl having one isn't going to prevent me from being with her. There's that one gorgeous chick in Nature bar on Soi 6, pictures of her on that thread and she has tattoos.
  3. rope-a-dope

    30 year Changes in pattaya 1980-2020

    You can never recapture that first time. I recall walking into a manila go go club..the firehose I believe, everything after that is managing expectations.
  4. Ok so this is a little different, I’m an Australian citizen / passport holder and I’m thinking of doing a couple of weeks in NZ mid year. I have a TG who would be a good travel companion and is very keen to come along. Obviously it’s easy for me to simply get on a plane and arrive into NZ visa free, but not so much for a Thai National. Has anyone had much experience or success with the NZ tourist visa process for a TG and can share? I’ve had a quick look at sponsor requirements and there’s no issue there, just wondering if anyone has gone down this path and can explain the where, what and how of this? Thanks.
  5. rope-a-dope

    30 year Changes in pattaya 1980-2020

    Oh man..I can't believe that. Just the last 40 years is it!? I suggest you go to the shrimp thread...I bought the book!
  6. Might be confusing him with Darren at Key Visa.
  7. Luv2Phuket

    Golf Babes

    THAT'S one of thes one I was trying to copy! LOVE those boots....they would look PERFECT over my shoulders! 55555
  8. QuotaMan

    30 year Changes in pattaya 1980-2020

    Can be summed up in one sentence: Prices up, attitude/service down.
  9. 27:00 in the youtube video was heart wrenching when she talked about how her ex-husband abused her. :(
  10. The Yorkshire club said the decision had been made "on the balance of probability rather than proving Kiko to be guilty beyond reasonable doubt, which we have always believed is the more appropriate burden of proof". However, the independent regulatory commission will not publish their written reasons for their decision until next week. Happened in September SO LONG AGO ban now just has he has had some reasonable performances. All a grey area on the evidence. Why wait till Friday afternoon before a match to do it????? Looks like deliberate to cause MAXIMUM disruption. The times are numerous that Leeds have been punished out of context to others ground closures, points deduction ETC. Even Spygate last year was not even a crime no rule in place. Fueled by crying Frank and others. Just carry on winning and stick it the the powers that be. MOT
  11. Gatormeat

    Thai Girls and Tatts

    Rhino: Thai Girls & Tattoos: a topic which has been broached before, hashed and re-hashed....but doesn't fail to elicit interest, if not a response. I state the following based on my own personal experience(s) & observation(s) in several SE ASIAN countries. These conjectures are mine alone. Yes, I know its the 21st century, with modern contemporary lifestyle choices for young Thais....and tattoos are no exception. Since within the last decade, there's more of a mainstream acceptance of others inking one's body...but not necessarily of one doing it to themselves. Decent Thai females from normal Thai society, are generally a conservative lot and do not tattoo themselves. Next time when you are in Bangkok, take a good look around whilst on a crowded BTS skytrain or MRT subway....albeit, they are clothed, but you will rarely notice any tattoos on the average ordinary Thai females about. Also, if i see a Thai female with a farang male together in public, the female (not always) usually invariably, is inked. My former Pattaya LLT had her whoredom membership 'tramp-stamp' of approval ...no surprises there. Tattoos, as mentioned by other BMs here, have other practical purposes than mere decorative: e.g., hiding birthing marks, giving 'tam bun' religious merit or the protective spiritual qualities of the Buddhist Sak-Yan. My own personal predilection leans more towards the Retro-Traditionalist Thai: -NO tattoos, NO dyed hair, NO colored contact lenses, NO teeth braces, NO smoking, NO attitude (haha)....yea, this is the thai model circa 1970's. When a Thai female really 'take care of man', when the baht was appreciated....not expected, ad infinitum. A rarity in Pattaya, but in the up-country provinces? Having mongered in these countries: I would say tattoos are a rarity on Laotian, Vietnamese, Indonesian girls. Filipinas are a toss-up....but the general consensus is less inked-bodies are seen than their Thai sisters. I've only been in Cambodia twice.....so cannot comment on Khmer girls. Tattoos are very much frowned upon by Laotians and Vietnamese & their respective societal mores. Rhino, you mentioned 85% of Pattaya girls are inked. Well, that's a bit over the overall % of P4P working girls....but yeah, standard fashion de rigueur for the majority of Pattaya whores, prostitutes and hookers to have some ink on their bodies. Without delving into the psychology of self-scarring, self-disfigurement, self-loathing vis-a-vis tattoo expressions.....it seems to be more indicative of the impulsive nature of the working girl, rather than any low self-esteem or self image. I have often said, Pattaya for many of these girls, is a self-reinforcing lifestyle. If Nit, Lek, Apple, Mok, Mei, Noi, et al. sports tats....a fresh ink-job may not be out of the question. Sadly, what many of these young girls don't realize: from a physiological perspective, the epdermis/dermis (your skin) is a living organism, not a static canvas....and will eventually 'age' like everything else. A nice tight tattoo; given time-years, sun exposure, may blur into a bruise. One BM posted a fleeting interesting comment: 'Girls with tattoos are incapable of Love'. I asked for clarification....but never rec'd a response. Tattoos? Up to You....
  12. I have found about 5% actually enjoy/want anal.. You can see when you fuck them doggy their anus starts to open up.. A mate of mine dated an asian girl, not Thai, and she only ever wanted anal.. it was the only way she could get off on sex. For me the pussy feels better.. I met a girl many years ago that wanted anal.. her butt was an awesome feeling to fuck.. I have had anal sex many times but with her it was like I was having a 3some with the one girl..
  13. I shave with a trimmer, it's super fast to do under the shower and it's just cleaner, fresher and more comfortable and the added bonus is that it also makes my junk look bigger! lol. Never had any problem with itchiness but I hate shaving the balls, oh god every time it's a torture, I'm always terrified a gruesome manhood annihilating accident could happen at any second, like using a chainsaw to sharpen a pencil haha
  14. Rocketboy

    Golf Babes

    I don't check IG often, but this one does it for me!! 555
  15. golden_boy

    30 year Changes in pattaya 1980-2020

    I only have 5 years worth of trips. Can only listen to the veterans speak of how much better the girls attitudes were in the old days. I would say smart phones and social media has given the modern day girls a more westernised arrogance. And the vendors/tourist establishments (restaurants etc) will be diluted to the ever revolving doors of new tourists. No doubt stinking attitudes by tourists eventually became matched by equally stinking customer service by a lot of thais. I still remember my first night and trip vividly (wont ever recreate that feeling). Each subsequent trip Ive had I have enjoyed, but with each trip you begin to peel away at the surface and see pattaya for what it is, a fantastic place with numerous faults. Kind of like a greek tragedy. I do harp on about the terrible air quality, so purely my own 5 year history is the decline in air quality between 2015 - 2020.
  16. In my experience when a girl says no to anal, it isn't easy to change their mind, even with a money offer. I think you have to consider that anal can be very painful for a girl especially on the first time and if that first time is bad, because the guy didn't lube up and take it slow at first, made sure to get her in a nice and horny mood, etc then she'll keep associating anal with a terrible feeling and stubbornly hate it forever. Some working girls will accept for extra money but in a lot of cases what you should really try to do is let her know "you'll do it right", sweet talk her, tell her you'll stop if it hurts too much, do it slowly at first and finger her, use lube of course, etc. Most girls are fine with one finger in the ass but taking a whole dick can be intimidating so work up to this point.
  17. Today
  18. PatsGuy

    Sexual turnoffs with bargirls

    There are not many people on this plant that has mongered in Thailand more then I have.. You just have no idea what you are talking about. Just answer me this.. a girl walks into your room and has a herpes outbreak and you can see it.. What do you do about it ? The next night a girl walks into your room and is HIV positive but has not signs of the disease.. what do you do about it ? What difference does it make what visual evidence you have ???? Nothing .. so who cares if you can visually see the odd STD or not.. I just ask that you know your facts before trying to call me out on my knowledge. You are spreading complete rubbish.
  19. Luv2Phuket

    Golf Babes

    She LOVES posting beach photos on her IG account! I would've posted more, but I couldn't figure out how to copy them from my PC
  20. Captain Ron


    Just a nice, natural medium sized pair is fine. Don’t like giant silicone; looks ridiculous. Also don’t like totally flat, makes them look like a teenage boy. I’m more of a legs and ass guy.
  21. brettc

    Spearfishing in tailand

    when I was scuba diving in pattaya place they called submarine I saw some one spear fishing he had a few fish
  22. xufjdrfg

    Thaifriendly guide - and mongering strategies -

    This is an odd question my friend, the entire principle of a messaging app like TF is that people have an inbox and you can discuss with delayed response times whenever you're available so there's no need to have a fixed time like it's some sort of live appointment you're making, haha... Girls can be online in the morning and throughout the day because most girls are playing on their phones all day and checking their inbox whenever they get bored at work or whatever. The best way to have quicker conversations is to chat with them on line.
  23. slaine

    L K Mansion

    Just so you know, no in room safes.
  24. Robbie Jones

    Dress well gentlemen

    Disagree wholeheartedly. I am cargo shorts, button up shirt and flip flop guy and I always get the girl I want. I do like to laugh, will talk to the girls, not a Cheap Charlie and be respectful, so maybe having some personality works too. Each to their own. If you want to walk around the tropics in long pants and shoes good for you. Robbie
  25. Captain Ron

    Favorite non-sex related activity in Pattaya?

    Bar hopping on the Six, having a few quiet beers and watching the world go by is a good way to spend a lazy afternoon....
  26. xufjdrfg


    I'm a huge fan of big tits and of course prefer them to be natural, I'll even chase some chubby girls because of this even though I prefer fit bodies, but to be honest fake tits are also a turn on to me because of the bimbo aspect, knowing the girl went through this surgery bs just to look more like a slutty sex doll is a turn on lol. In my experience it also often means the girl is pretty good in the sack because she's really slutty! Or they can also be insufferable frigid plastic divas, that happens too. Sadly most of the time they look and feel disappointing or downright bad when naked but I can't help but love the sight of fake tits cleavage, that hard firm look, even though I know it's just a mirage, my subconscious always gets tricked into wanting to see more of it haha.
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