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whitespider - RIP

Hi Guys

As many of you know we have been running now for 16 years and apart from one brief time when we were allowed PayPal, so could use the inbuilt donation function, we have tried to avoid asking for donations. We have certainly avoided being in anyones face about it.

Sadly that has now changed.

The forum currently costs around $1000 a month to operate. That includes Bangkok and Philippines but PA makes up the vast majority of it. This fee covers forum hosting, image hosting, notification emails and support.

Moving on -

There is no minimum, or maximum for that matter. ANY donation will be very gratefully received. We are very aware that many members are also having it tough these days.

We are still unable to promote/post PayPal addresses etc on the forum so would ask that anyone who would like to make a donation to PM me, or ask me in the thread linked below to PM you and we will sort out details via that PM.

You can see the full discussion thread here


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