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IMPORTANT PLEASE READ :: COVID-19 ~ Updated 7 April 2020

This announcement is no longer active


COVID-19 is impacting worldwide and the actions being taken by various governments is extremely fluid and fast changing. The mod team have been trying to ensure an up-to-date verified information flow while ensuring the safety of the site (the Technology Crime Suppression Division has, and will arrest people for posting what they deem to be "fake news"). This has resulted in an increased workload for the team.

It is apparent this situation will be ongoing for a number of months and the moderation team have reviewed the procedure previously put in place. As a result two forums have been created within a new category - a members forum and an advanced members forum.

Effective immediately, any new thread related to the current situation (e.g. "Has anyone gotten a visa extension?", "Flight refunds", "Any dentists open?", "How are you passing the time while social distancing?" etc.) are to be posted in one of these two forums. It is not a free for all, bear in mind the restrictions put in place. Any increas in workload for the moderation team or the restrictions being ignored will result in tighter restrictions being implemented.

Existing COVID-19 related threads that have survived will be moved into the relevant forums.

Please see below in red for further changes.



The "News" thread (COVID-19 Thread : Factual information from around the World (NOT Thailand))

The main thread has been running from the start, renamed to ensure clarity on what is expected to be posted in it. It is the "one stop shop" on PA for factual news on the evolving situation worldwide excluding Thailand:

  • Current situation with COVID-19
  • Current situation with travel restrictions
  • Facts or information from "reliable" sources (reliable as in media outlets/government departments, not your last BFs second cousin removed)
  • Facts from personal experience (e.g. recently travelled, on the ground info outside Thailand)
  • Genuine questions re a current issue you may have

Thread has been moved to the new "members forum". At time of moving it was at 213 pages.

This thread is NOT for discussions or speculations. If someone asks a question which you can authoritatively answer, please answer succinctly without adding opinions/speculations. If someone has already answered a question do not reply unless to correct or add value.

Please follow best practice netiquette:

  • Read the thread prior to posting so as not to repeat information
  • Use the existing functionality if you want to reply to a post and haven't finished reading (i.e. click the + button bottom left of a post to add the post to the "bucket" and when finished reading and ready to reply. click the "Quote X posts" button bottom right of the screen to open the dialogue box - if multiple quotes, delete any that no longer need a reply).
  • If posting geo specific information add the country at the top of the post so your compatriots can see it easily while scanning and to minimise confusion for others not from that particular country.
  • If posting information from the media copy and paste only 2 or 3 paragraphs and post the link to the source (not only does this allow people to quickly skip over if not interested quicker it covers our arse for breach of copyright while allowing those interested to read/watch easily without having to search for it).
  • If the source is only a couple of paragraphs and you post the whole article still post the URL to the source so members can see it's "reliable" (given the state of some MSM "reliable" is debatable).

As noted above, this thread has taken up significant time for the mod team. From publication of this notice there is a Zero Tolerance policy in this thread. BMs ignoring the request outlined above will earn themselves a timeout from the board at minimum.


The "On the ground" thread (COVID-19 - Pattaya & Rest of Thailand FACTUAL INFORMATION ONLY)

Renamed to ensure clarity on what is expected to be posted in it and moved to the new "members forum". At time of moving it was at 64 pages.

This thread has been running for a few days and is to be the "one stop shop" for information on the current situation on the ground:

  • First hand accounts from those with boots on the ground (originally Pattaya specific, now opened to LOS in general).
  • Genuine questions a BM on the ground can answer.
  • If someone has already answered a question do not reply unless to correct or add value.

Again, this thread is NOT for discussions per se or speculations. Minimal discussion on a point is fine and information reported will not necessarily be held to the level as of that in the news thread. That said, it is supposed to be a thread BMs can get an accurate picture of the reality on the ground without having to wade through "white noise". Anyone being a smartarse or consistently thread fucking will be sanctioned. Please apply the relevant points in the netiquette as described above.


The "COVID-19 discussion" thread (COVID-19 discussion)

Moved to the new "members forum" and locked. Given the situation is ongoing, it is unsustainable trying to hold conversations on multiple topics in the one thread.

Given the current situation, and the demographics of PA, there are obviously a lot of things related that our members would like to talk about. Drop in and let your fellow BMs know what's on your mind; thoughts, speculation, opinions, what's worrying you/humouring you, happening on a personal level due to the pandemic etcIt is not a free for all for conspiracy theories - plenty of forums for that type of discussion, PA isn't one of them. Normal rules and N2BN ethos apply.



Please follow the above request and post in the correct manner and correct thread (bookmark, follow or keep this notice live for ease of discovery). By doing so, we will ensure members can quickly find relevant information easily without wading through superfluous "noise". Obviously in a trip report, the current situation will likely be mentioned but do not start new COVID-19 specific threads.

NOTE: moving the threads may have lost your "last read" position or changed the URL. The page numbers when moved are noted above, update your bookmarks if you use them.


Useful links

  • The paper based T8 form (note it doesn't mention COVID-19 specifically, this is a form they have had for ages): T8.pdf
  • The AOT app that includes the electronic T8
  • Medical certificate if required
  • The app for reporting/monitoring when in Thailand - to date no reports of it being implemented/enforced (SydeKick - according to Richard Barrows)
  • TAT updates (for travel restrictions/requirements, always check latest e.g. todays
  • MoPH (for travel restrictions/requirements)   
  • IATA (for travel restrictions/requirements worldwide - targeted at aircrew/staff but details what they are looking for from passengers before boarding) 
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